Tuesday, January 16, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

I still can't image looking this amazing carrying seems like an impossible task but Megan makes it look easy! I can't wait to meet those beautiful girls! Congrats, mama!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

I LOVE meeting new clients! This session was the first time I got to meet the "D" family and we had a blast. Mom nailed the whole coordinated outfits, dad was a bundle of jokes and the kids were SO well behaved but still enthusiastic about our time together. They were all about doing what I suggested and all about making suggestions of their own. Turns out that Mom and I went to the same high school and were neighbors of some of my other clientfriends. (that is not an actual word but I am gonna make it one!) We had wonderful weather too....definitely got lucky for the late fall in Richmond....but that is how RVA works! One weekend could be freezing and the next could be Spring like! Never be afraid to watch the forecast and contact me for a Winter shoot! 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017
By Melissa Brugh Photography

I started volunteering my time with the Ronald McDonald House here in Richmond around 5 years ago (I think!) and I have such a wonderful time every time I do. I started off by shooting their annual Red Shoe Rendezvous every year. I have so much fun shooting this event for them! Not only do they raise over $200,000 every year to help house families who are going through such awful ordeals but the event itself is incredibly fun! I was unable to attend this year as it was held two weeks before the birth of my daughter but I have already agreed to help them out next year again! I also try to go by the house and photograph their special events when I can and also to take photos of the families there for their annual Christmas card.  It is wonderful to go by the house (or attend the benefit) and see all my photos from over the years! The families I get to meet are so inspiring. The kids have the most amazing spirits and you feel overwhelmed by the love just being around them! This summer I stopped by to take photos of another awesome family and here are just a few from that wonderful morning! Young Brady just loved watering the plants out back so of course, we had to take a few images of that! 

Here is a little more about Brady's story on the Ronald McDonald House website:


Thursday, December 14, 2017
By Melissa Brugh Photography

To say that 2017 has brought a lot of changes in my life would be an understatement. One of which is switching over to a new website...this one! Still working out the kinks and polishing it up but it has launched!


Another....just slightly bigger and better (ha!)....I gave birth to my first child! A beautiful baby girl named Kaya! We couldn't be more happy to have her join our lives. This new adventure has been a wild ride already. I am currently taking sessions again and am happy to be back behind the camera after a (very) short break! 

May I introduce....Kaya Rose!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
By Melissa Brugh Photography

I have had the joy of taking Wyatt's annual photos every fall for 5 years now. This kid is always so much fun to hang out with. His imagination has not been matched by any other kid I have ever worked with. The first year we met up was at Maymont Park and we had imaginary ice cream there that we got from an imaginary ice cream stand. Last year we had an imaginary rock concert on the stage at Dogwood Dell.  This year we planned on heading back to Maymont but ended up around the corner at one of the lakes instead. The ground was covered in acorns and Wyatt declared the area "Nutopia" and crowned himself the "King of Nutopia!" I love this kid's spirit!