Sunday, March 04, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

I remember while I was pregnant having so many plans for maternity photos. I just kept being too exhausted to do my hair or put on makeup or setting up a tripod. I kept saying "tomorrow, I will do it tomorrow." Then days passed by...then weeks...then months...then she was here! I wish I had just hired a photographer and set a date to commit to a session. 


I had so many plans for Kaya's newborn photos. Then I was in labor for 49 hours and in the hospital for 5 days. I really didn't anticipate the condition I was gonna be in after the labor. I didn't anticipate how tired we were gonna be nonstop for those first few weeks. If she was cranky, we would just decide to try again another day. I am grateful for the few photos we got one night in the 10 minutes I made myself go and take them. I didn't know how not easy it was gonna be getting up and down off of the floor. I wish I had just hired a photographer to take those newborn photos so I could give my body a rest. 


I did end up letting the hospital photographer in to take a few photos that first day she was born. I only bought one....the one I couldn't take myself. Dad, mom and baby...the first day of our little family. One non cell phone photo of the three of us from that first magical 24 hours. 


Not that I need to tell you...but wow. Motherhood is wild. I have become that person that is COMPLETELY obsessed with my kid. I geek out over every little thing that she does. I love being at home and helping her grow. I melt every time she looks into my eyes and smiles. I AM THAT PERSON NOW. Kaya is now almost 4 and a half months old and she is just a complete joy. She is such a happy baby and she is already hitting milestones way ahead of schedule. Everyone (including our doctor) just keeps getting blown away by her strength and focus. She is so alert and has to be up and checking out everything that is going on. She LOVES her bouncy chair and LOVES hearing me sing to her (she doesn't know any better!) I try to grab my "big girl camera" for the big moments. The monthly "birthdays", the "firsts" of things we plan out, the holidays, etc. But just day to day...I am so guilty of just grabbing the camera closest to me...the cell phone. I cherish those photos...the ones that I take all day everyday of every little moment. But the quality is awful and they never do justice to her beauty and awesomeness. They don't print up in quality meant for walls. So I TRY to take out the camera and make sure I take the photos of her in her magic ...of our family in it's magic...before those moments are distant memories.


As a photographer, I have come to terms with my limitations on capturing my own family. The maternity photos I kept putting off because working a day job and being pregnant was just exhausting. The newborn photos I didn't take because labor took way more out of me than I expected. Even now, trying to take family photos of the three of us and realizing that a tripod can't grab the attention of a baby! 


So..what's the point of all this? Hire a photographer! These moments...they go by so quick! Personally, I want to be able to look at them forever. I want to have memories of all the little moments. 


That being said, I would love to do some lifestyle sessions. Just step into your world for a few hours and capture your family just...being. Let me know if you would like to book a session like this! 


But for the photos I have taken.... here are a bunch of random photos of my little lady just being the perfect being that she is :) All her different faces and firsts and outfits and times gone by in these first many months! Some of them obviously planned for...some of them I just grabbed a camera because I thought she looked cute and didn't even bother removing her bib. But hey, she was going through a drooling phase and that moment needs to be captured too! 

Friday, February 23, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

These two...I am SO HAPPY for these two. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I got the text from Jana that she was also expecting. Now I can tell you that nothing makes you more excited when you are about to have a baby then finding out one of your best friends is gonna have a baby around the same age as yours! Ready made friends...playdates with moms you already love... Yeah, I was STOKED. Jana and Andy were due for some engagement pictures since he proposed last year and you know I was harassing them about the need to announce this awesome new upcoming arrival... I think I even yelled at her that "THE BABY IS GONNA BE HERE BEFORE YOU EVEN MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!" Not that they hadn't already told all their family and close friends but you's not official until it's FACEBOOK OFFICIAL!


So, we checked the weather, saw that it was gonna be pretty nice Saturday evening and met up at Libby Hill Park to take a few quick photos. We ended up getting a super late start so we had a very very limited window before the sun went down but we just kept shooting anyways and ended up getting to witness a pretty amazing sunset over the city. They kept telling me that I wouldn't be able to knock the awkward out of them but even they would agree that we got some super cute shots...despite the crazy wind blowing hair everywhere! 

I can't wait to meet this baby in May and see you guys get married in October! <3

Saturday, February 03, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

Planning for an outdoor wedding in January you hope for the best when it comes to weather...but you don't expect it! The last Saturday of January gave us just that...the best! We had sunny skies and a warm 61 degrees to compliment a day full of big smiles and overwhelming love. 


Shannon and Adrian's wedding took place at Seven Hills Farm and it was the perfect venue to host the day. I couldn't have asked for better people involved in every detail of the day. My second shooter was my favorite adult human in the world (sorry future husband...our daughter wins favorite human), the wedding was catered by the amazing crew at The Camel Catering, music was provided by one of my favorite bands, Jackass Flats (follow the link and watch the video! I am in it!!), Karla of Petals and Lacee had the day worked out without worry, the guests were chalked full of friendly faces that made the day extra fun and the bride and groom were just the most easy going in love happy fun couple you could imagine working with.


Venue: Seven Springs

Coordinator:  Karla Crisp at Petals and Lace

Florist.: Terry White
Caterer: The Camel
Hair: Beyond Bangz Hair
Makeup: Arianna Rose 
Thursday, January 25, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

Another awesome weather day in December provided for an awesome shoot with RVA french horn player, Rachel Velvikis. She brought all the hotness to every single shot. Want to check her and her horn out in action? Click Here! >>>>>>>The Making of Asteria by Pablo Camacho

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
By Melissa Brugh Photography

Gearing up for a winter wedding next week and reminiscing about a winter wedding from last year!


Angela and Dave got married last February in downtown Richmond and had a magical day full of love and non-stop laughs! The wedding took place at the John Marshall Hotel and provided a wonderful scene for a beautiful ceremony and a rocking reception!


Fun note about this wedding...

By the end of the day I kept thinking that I had been feeling a bit off and more exhausted than after a normal wedding day. Two days late I found out I was expecting with my baby girl! What a crazy adventure that began from there! 


Super thanks to Kai Eason for second shooting for part of the day!